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Web site updated

Hi guys.

Writing a note to let everyone know the web site is just about finished. I have been struggling for almost 2 years now to bring the web site to the place where I am happy with it.

Though there is still a bit more to do to it, it is basically in the form that I am happy with.

If you wish, take a visit over and let us know what you think. I will be able now to do more online, offer competitions, better marketing platform and of course now able to focus fully on learning more techniques and skills for all the various aspects of photography and the photography profession.


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Monica's first model portrait shoot

The first time I met Carlos in Feb 2014, he brought his sister Monica along with him. It was great to meet them both and after that I met her on several occasions. She had mentioned the desire to have a photoshoot so last week we met up at Tanaghmore Gardens an the following are a few images from that session. Web site Facebook Google+

Wolfwear Athletics Sports wear

I thought I had placed photographs taken for Wolfwear Athletics  in the blog before now, but on checking it has dawned on me that I have not. Wolfwear Athletics has been a project under taken this year which has been so rewarding for me personally. It all started out one day in the gym when I over heard a conversation with Teresa who I have photographed with a lad. He had or was in the process of designing his own sports range and was looking to get a photographer. I approached Ryan, introduced myself and offered to help him if he wanted by shooting his range for him.

Wolfwear 2019 new Range of Ladies wear

It was a joy again to be asked to photograph Wolfwear's new range of sports wear. After doing the first shoot for Ryan, and training in the same gym, it has been nice to now have Ryan as a friend.