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Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland search results

Been a while since I had a blog entry due simply to an increased work load. Its the usual story that something needs to suffer and unfortunately is was the good 'ol blog. Over the Christmas period when photography naturally declines a bit I hope to get caught up with all the entries. The reason I am making an entry now however is due to a pleasant surprise I had over the last couple of days. I noticed an increase in the numbers of visitors to my web site.  When I do a bit of digging around to see why it became very clear!! Over the various year one constant behind the scenes work was to increase my on-line presence. This takes the form of many areas, but not being trained in this it was all trial and error and training. However when I did a search for wedding photographers Northern Ireland last night I found my Google+ page was listed on page one of the search results under the Google maps area. To say I was totally astonished was an understatement. So basically I just