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Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland search results

Been a while since I had a blog entry due simply to an increased work load. Its the usual story that something needs to suffer and unfortunately is was the good 'ol blog.

Over the Christmas period when photography naturally declines a bit I hope to get caught up with all the entries.

The reason I am making an entry now however is due to a pleasant surprise I had over the last couple of days.

I noticed an increase in the numbers of visitors to my web site. When I do a bit of digging around to see why it became very clear!!

Over the various year one constant behind the scenes work was to increase my on-line presence. This takes the form of many areas, but not being trained in this it was all trial and error and training.

However when I did a search for wedding photographers Northern Ireland last night I found my Google+ page was listed on page one of the search results under the Google maps area. To say I was totally astonished was an understatement.

So basically I just want to give a massive thank you out to everyone for your constant and continued support, interaction with all I do and importantly your very kind recommendations of my work to your friends and family.

As a thank you I am offering a free photo shoot to you and/or your family in a studio or a location of your choice.

As mentioned above, the work of a photographer is not usually taking photographs!!! lol There is editing, software skills, finance, marketing, on-line marketing, and many more.
One area that I struggled with was web site design.
The actual construction was relatively easy as I had created web sites for many years, but never for anything so visually dependant.
So I would love some feedback from the site. 

Simply there are just 3 questions I would love feedback on. To participate please go to the contact page and send the email there.

1. Does the web site appeal to you, and if so was is/are the best features?
2. Does the web site not appeal to you, and if so what are its let downs? Too many words, photos, not enough of something, too much of another?
3. What would you recommend is changed to make the site more appealing? If you were looking to book a wedding or photo shot but felt - no -  what put you off?

In return all replies will be placed into a draw for the free photo shoot. The winner will also receive a free 10x8 print.

I get a lot of over seas visitors to my site as well and I would really love if you would give me a bit of feedback also. I know the photo shoot would not be an option if over seas, but I would really appreciate your thoughts on the visual appeal of the site.

The draw will take place on 1 Feb 2015 with the winner needing to live within 50 miles of Belfast or able to travel there for the photo shoot.

Again many thanks for your support and I look forward to your thoughts and giving someone or their family a beautiful portrait.


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So his portfolio was missing this kind of look plus body shots/underwear modelling, which I felt combined together would give a great look for him.

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