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Barbara and Timothy Photograph session in Tavanagh Gardens Portadown, Northern Ireland

Below are some photographs from the evening shoot with Barbara and Timothy.

This lovely couple had been away for the day and we had originally planned to do a studio shoot with a couple of clothes changes, but that just didn't happen.

After some discussion we decided on Tavanagh Gardens just beside Craigavon lakes.

The evening was mixed with cloud and sunshine, with only a few visitors around so we had good freedom to move around to get some locations.

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Family portrait for Liam ans his two sisters

Here are some photographs for a family shoot that Liam asked me to take for him.

It was a real pleasure to meet Liam and his sisters.

Hockey shoot with Sandis in the studio

A few weeks ago I was working out in the gym when Sandis approached me about a hockey ball i had with me in there. I explained it was essential for muscle injury to release tight muscle. I didnt know then that he was a hockey player. But we chatted and while and continued in our separate workouts.

First model shoot with Ross at an old derelict cottage near Tynan

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Now looking back I think it was probably the best location for what Ross had in mind.