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Model Shoot with Matthew at Inch Abbey, Downpatrick Northern Ireland

I met Matthew at a wedding last year and had the opportunity to have a chat with him. I discovered that he like me had a love for the gym and fitness.
After a while I asked if he had ever did any model work and if he would be interested. And so here we are with his first model shoot with me. Matthew has concrete plans for a solid career, but he also wants to have the time and love to do some fitness model work. I fully agreed to focus on his education and career but to have that joy of being able to mix his fitness with modelling.
Later we have planned a formal shoot which I think will look great, but here are some of the images from our first session which I'm sure you will agree look great.

My model portfolio is here

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JP's surprise 18th Birthday party in Newcastle

Here is the blog from the surprise 18th birthday party for JP.
JP's, family had asked me several weeks ago at an engagement event if I would be free to  photograph his surprise birthday party in Newcastle.
It was a real fun packed night and JP is a real joy to be with and to get to know through photography.
As well as all the activity we managed to capture a few nice portraits as well.

So here is the photographs and the slide show.

Monica's first model portrait shoot

The first time I met Carlos in Feb 2014, he brought his sister Monica along with him. It was great to meet them both and after that I met her on several occasions.
She had mentioned the desire to have a photoshoot so last week we met up at Tanaghmore Gardens an the following are a few images from that session.

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