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Head Shot for Emma

Haven't photographed a head shot in a while. So it was a joy to have Emma on the phone getting information about it. She was looking one for the business web site she works for. You never know who you are going to meet while photographing people, but immediately Emma showed up I felt at ease and comfortable around her. We had a bit of fun while getting her the images she needed for the web site. So below are a couple of images from that shoot. Web site Facebook Google+

Wolfwear Athletics Sports wear

I thought I had placed photographs taken for Wolfwear Athletics  in the blog before now, but on checking it has dawned on me that I have not. Wolfwear Athletics has been a project under taken this year which has been so rewarding for me personally. It all started out one day in the gym when I over heard a conversation with Teresa who I have photographed with a lad. He had or was in the process of designing his own sports range and was looking to get a photographer. I approached Ryan, introduced myself and offered to help him if he wanted by shooting his range for him.